Our Team.

All of our staff are traditionally trained and highly skilled in creating bespoke jewellery.

Steve is the rock of the workshop. He has been with us, on and off, for over twelve years and can turn his hand to anything, including fixing electrical appliances. Nothing upsets him, although the lack of sleep over the past three years due to his two young children has tested him.

Ben is our apprentice and is being traditionally trained. He is quickly learning how to make all the designs in our collections but he has a problem learning to make tea. His other talents include being a snowboard instructor and stealing the workshop biscuits. ¬†As part of his apprenticeship, he studies on a day release basis at the Goldsmith’s training centre.

The Goldsmith’s Company

Leah is the workshop manager. She knows where all the customer orders are, when they are needed by and who needs to make what. So if you want to know anything, ask Leah. She can also help make the jewellery when we are extra busy.